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Antalya Airprot Parking Antalya Airprot Parking


Update: 01.04.2019

There are parking spaces for more than 2,000 vehicles in Antalya Airport and parking options are available at reasonable prices. These parking spaces are close to all terminals (Domestic and International terminals) by their location. In addition, private parking spaces are available for disabled passengers.

All areas of the two terminals have access controls manned by permanent security patrols and customer services.

Below is the current pricing structure for standard parking at the Antalya International Airport. Prices are subject to change, so be sure to check for updates at the airport.;

Antalya Domestic Terminal Car Park Prices 2019

Vehicle Type 0-1 hours 1-3 hours 3-6 hours 6-12 hours 12-24 hours
Automobile 12,50 TL 17,50 TL 26,00 TL 28,00 TL 43,00 TL
Pick-up, Minibüs
14,50 TL 21,50 TL 28,00 TL 36,00 TL 50,50 TL
Light Truck
18,50 TL 26,00 TL 32,00 TL 43,00 TL 57,00 TL
Motorcycle 6,00 TL 8,50 TL 11,50 TL 12,50 TL 19,00 TL


Antalya International Airport (T1, T2 Terminals) Parking Prices

Vehicle Type 0-1 hours 1-3 hours 3-6 hours 6-12 hours 12-24 hours
12,50 TL 17,50 TL 26,00 TL 28,00 TL

43,00 TL

Pick-up, Minibüs
14,50 TL 21,50 TL 28,00 TL 36,00 TL 50,50 TL
Light Truck
17,50 TL 26,00 TL 32,00 TL 43,00 TL 57,00 TL
6,00 TL 8,50 TL 11,50 TL 12,50 TL 19,00 TL

Antalya Airport International Terminal and Domestic Terminal
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Antalya Airport Parking Info Phone No:

+90 242 330 36 00

444 7 423

Antalya Havalimanı İç Hatlar Otopark kurallarıParking rules of Antalya Airport

Antalya Havalimanı İç Hatlar Otopark ücretiAntalya Airport Parking Prices

Antalya Havaalanı, Antalya Airport

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Antalya Havalimanı Haritası
Antalya Airport map


444 7 423
+90 242 330 36 00


Antalya Airport: Antalya International Airport (IATA Code: AYT, ICAO code: LTAI); It is located in Antalya's tourism capital of Turkey, which is 13 km east of the city center. The distances to other known tourist centers are: Alanya 125 km, Serik 30 km, Manavgat 65 km, Side 65 km, Gazipaşa 165 km, Kemer 57 km, Finike 125 km, Kas 200 km, Kalkan 230 km. These centers are provided with transportation buses, taxis and intercity buses. You can easily access this information on our other pages.

Antalya Airport opened in 1960, it is today the largest airport after Turkey's Istanbul Ataturk Airport. When evaluated according to passenger traffic, it is the 15th busiest airport in Europe (according to the total number of passengers in 2015). As of the end of 2015, the number of Total Passengers in Domestic Flights (incoming / outgoing): 6.906.364 and the number of International Passengers Total (inbound): 20.863.040 Total Number of Passengers: 27.769.404. An increase of 11% compared to 2014.

Antalya Airport (Antalya Airport) is established on an area of ​​approximately 13.000 m2. Antalya Airport; There are 3 runways. The length of the two pistes is 3,400 meters and the length of the other pistons is 2990 meters.

Antalya Airport has a Domestic Terminal, 2 International Terminals (T1, T2), VIP and CIP terminals, and these terminals serve passengers.

It takes time to reach the terminals due to the security measures applied at the entry points of Antalya Airport. Passengers need to be aware of the fact that they need to arrive at the airport earlier, taking this into account.

Important : International flights at Antalya Airport are carried out at the 1st International (T1) Terminal. 2nd International Terminal (T2) is closed.

Transportation to Antalya Airport is provided by Havaş buses, Airport Public Buses numbered 600 and 800, Tram and Taxi. The transportation facilities of Antalya Airport are wide and easy. You can also get to the airport by taking advantage of the services of Rent a Carcompanies in Antalya Airport and in the vicinity of the rental car or you can go to the airport much more quickly when you want. Information about transportation and parking fees can be found on our Transportation and Parking page.

Images from Antalya Airport

Antalya Airport Gate  Antalya Havalimanı T2 Dış Hatlar   Antalya Airport ICF

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