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Antalya Airport Taxi

Antalya International Airport Taxi and Taxi Prices:

Update: 17.04.2018

  • Taxis serve at in front of the arrival exits of Antalya Airport Domestic Terminal, Antalya Airport İnternational Terminal 1st and Antalya Airportİnternational Terminal 2nd. Taxis service provide 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Antalya Airport Taxi fares are calculated by adding the price of km above the starting price.
  • if you want to reach anywhere from Antalya Airport , you can learn approximate price by taxis drivers.
  • You can also see information about Antalya Airport Taxi Fares and tariffs from the fare panel.
  • The same tariff applies 24 hours a day at Antalya airport taxis.

    Taximeter opening fee in Antalya Taxi: 3,50 TL.
    Each kilometer fee: 3,00 TL

You can easily find information about taxi and taxi fare at Antalya Airport from the following phones and website. Good Trips ....

Antalya International Airport Taxi Station website: Please Click...

Antalya Airport Taxi Price ve tariffs for
Antalya Airport taxi Telephon NUmber:
+90 242 330 31 08
+90 539 488 16 16

Önemli:Prices are only for information purpose at here. Up-to-date information and detailed information can be found at the above phone numbers and web addresses.


Antalya International Airport Taxi Price:

From Antalya Airport to Bus Station Taxi price: 50-55 TL
From Antalya Airport to Square and surroundings Taxi pricei: 35-40 TL
From Antalya Airport to Terracity AVM - Lara Taxi price: 40-45 TL
From Antalya Airport to Markantalya AVM - 100. yıl Street Taxi price: 40-45 TL
From Antalya Airport to 5M Migros AVM Taxi price: 55-60 TL
From Antalya Airport to Akdeniz Üniverstyi Kampüs Taxi price: 55-60 TL
From Antalya Airport to İl Sağlık Müdürlüğü Taxi price: 55-60 TL
From Antalya Airport to Kemer Club Med Taxi price:75$ - 70€
From Antalya Airport to Alanya Taxi price :100$ - 90€
From Antalya Airport to Belek Taxi price  : 60$ - 50€
From Antalya Airport to Beldibi Taxi price :65$ - 60€

Antalya International Airport Taxi Fare List

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